ZEN CONNECT is Charisa Kiyô Smith, Esq.'s small business. ZEN CONNECT applies Zen Buddhist principles such as interconnectivity, mindfulness, personal strength, and compassionate service, to provide:

    Interactive workshops, trainings, and presentations for adults and children

  • Workshops on The Art of Biography, from the above mentioned award-winning biographer.
  • Children's interactive, educational and art workshops through The Malloy Project, based on the biography and art book Blending Colors From Life: Trenton's Own Watercolorist, Tom Malloy.
  • Career Day presenter for youth.
  • Addressing work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth from a firsthand, LGBTQ perspective.
  • Education & prevention of cyberbullying, high-tech harassment, racism/homophobia/sexism/xenophobia and other forms of bias.
  • Juvenile justice system 101 / introduction, youth crime prevention and awareness, criminal justice 101, gangs, effective solutions in juvenile justice, from an expert attorney with 10 years experience as an advocate in the field.
  • Education about child abuse and neglect, from a community-building, family focused perspective.
  • Education about the intersection between pop culture; child maltreatment within and outside of the home; and other forms of intrafamilial, cultural, structural, and institutional violence.
  • Women's empowerment workshops-- personal strength-building, exploration of sisterhood, spiritual affirmation, stress reduction, assertiveness and conflict-resolution training, mindfulness, honoring our past and predecessors, developing relationships, addressing trauma.
  • Youth empowerment workshops-- self-esteem, strength building, spiritual affirmation, addressing peer pressure, making positive choices, leadership skills, conflict-resolution training, goal-setting, college preparation, mindfulness, healthy relationships, addressing trauma-- tailored to each distinct group of youth being served. From an individual with 15 years experience in the youth service field